SEO, Digital Marketing and Custom Web Design agency in Nepal.

Based in the US, Broadway ICT is a SEO, web design and development company in Nepal. We are a team of experienced website designers, developers , SEO experts and digital strategists.

Web Design & Development

We keep a deep analysis about your business, your customers, and your specific needs so that your website is not only beautiful but also helpful to grow your business.

Mobile App Development

We help you to transform your ideas into a dynamic mobile app. Whether you are looking for Android or iOS app development, you are in a right place.

E-commerce Development

You want to build your e-commerce system to sell online? We are here to make it happen with a complete set of admin and management tools that streamlines your business.

Web App Development

Developing a web application is a long-term investment for your business. With expertise in PHP, React, and .Net, web app developed by our team will remain growing and popular in years to come.

SEO & Digital Marketing

We build strong online marketing strategies and campaigns to boost your business. We make sure your money goes behind the traffic that converts to lead & purchase.

Awesome Article & Content Writing

Our writers know how to entertain and target custom audience through writing a relevant article and content for the success of your business.


Not only website, we build your business.

We build a strong foundation and lend your business a new profile with the help of our professionals who are expert in overall business development. Our digital marketing agency is known for building firm connections between Brands, Customers, and Market.




Brand Awareness





Your Complete Business Solution. #1 SEO Agency


What more we do ?

Besides development, digital marketing & SEO, these are the additional services that we offer.


While SEO focuses on improving your position on search engine, SEM & PPC ads allows you to pay for number one spot. SEM is one of the most effective ways to accelerate lead generation, and brand recognition when used in tandem with SEO.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We help you to serve up Ads on Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc), Photo Sharing (Pinterest, Instagram), and Video Sharing (Facebook Live, YouTube) which boosts your online business.


Why Choose Us ?

Today in online world, your business depends on your IT systems. As we offer you a complete IT Solution for your business, it will be a worthy idea to make a deal with us.

Perfect Analysis

Our expert team prepares perfect analysis and detailed documents that plays a pivotal role in laying the technology foundation, deployment, maintenance and upgrading of the portals featuring rich web applications.

Expert Team

Expert team is always more than a team of experts. We have a expert team which consists of individuals who have high level skills or knowledge in a certain domain acquired over many years of experience.

10+ Years Experience

We're a team of experienced web designers, developers and SEO experts who are passionate about web design and SEO. Last 10 years we specialize on creating professionally looking websites apps and search engine ranking.

Work Dedication​

Our team is always desperate to learn new things as we always come up with a solution to the problems that are encountered in a workplace. We are always ready to give extra time and effort for big and complex projects.

Time Management

Before starting any project, we set goals : long term and short term. We plan a project in a smart way as we collect all tasks in a to do list, adjust the priorities and prepare our team to work extra time whenever there is such requirement.

24/7 Support

Our technical support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The technical service is available around the clock. 24/7 email, chat and US-based phone support is available for technical issues.


Have a project to discuss ?

If you have any project to discuss, let’s talk in detail. We will make a complete plan for your business and deliver you our quote within 24 hours of your email delivery.


What our clients say about us ?

Our clients are one of our greatest assets. Over the past 10 years, Broadway ICT has helped hundreds of businesses around the globe.